Diversity in Living Organisms 9th Class Full Chapter

Our Earth is crowded with many kinds of organisms. Some are very large while Others are so small that can not be seen by the naked eye. All organisms depend on each other for food, shelter, and clothing. Some Organisms provide company, amusement, aesthetics, pleasure, and joy while others give pain, irritation, and even cause … Read more

The Fundamental Unit of Life 9th Class Full Chapter

In 1665, the English physicist Robert Hooke looked at a slice of cork through a microscopic lens and noticed some “Pockets” in it. Robert Hooke believed these pores had served as containers for the ‘plant juice’. He called these pores as ‘cells’ meaning ‘little rooms’. Cells are very small structures so can not be seen … Read more

Tissue 9th Class Full Chapter Detailed Explaination

We know that unicellular organism, beings compose of just a single cell, perform all life activities in the same cell. There is no division of labour. Opposite to this, in multicellular organisms, the small cell does not perform all activities of the organisms, the same cell does not perform all activities of the organisms. In … Read more

Matter in our Surroundings Chemistry 9th Class Chapter 1

Entire Universe is Made Up of Matter and Energy, Air, Water, Steam, Petrol, Carbon Dioxide, Silver, gold, Oxygen, Wood, Paper Etc. are all Different Kinds of Matter. All These Occupy Space (Volume) and have Mass. Definition: A Matter is Defined as Anything that Occupies Space (Volume) and have Mass are Matter. Classification of MatterĀ  There … Read more